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NeuronViewerVR is the first app for viewing neurons in the descriptive .swc file format on demand in mixed reality (MR). It provides an UI for direct access to the Neuromorpho database

providing ~200,000 different neuronal morphologies from numerous different species traced by scientiest of laboratories all over the world.

Latest Project

Programmer@Zero Noise Lab

DomeVR – Research software for behavioral experiments using an immersive dome projection in UE4.

Check out on Github.

Cajal’s Dream

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Cajal’s Dream is an Oculus VR experience where you are flying through a forest of 150 synthetically generated Neurons. It was exhibited in various forms as an art piece called Computational Cajal at e.g.:

  • ZKM in Karlsruhe

The neurons shown in Cajal’s Dream were generated using the TREES toolbox in MATLAB. Although they are artificially generated by a computer algorithm, the neurons closely resemble their counterparts in the mammalian cortex. The realistic appearance is a consequence of general principles of neuronal arborization that were implemented in the algorithmic growth process.

Coding Expertise

  • Focused on Unreal Engine 4/C++ development using Visual Studio.
  • Academic experience in MATLAB, Python and LaTeX.
  • Experience in using Perforce and Github as version control.
  • Some experience in:
    • Swift
    • Java
    • MySQL
    • Haskell
    • HTML/CSS

Scientific Experience

Diplom in Biology and in Bioinformatics, PhD in Biology.

Neuroscience as research focus:

Diplom: Electrophysiological single cell recordings and labelling in the subthalamic nucleus of mice
@Roeper Lab

PhD: Creating models for predicting neuronal arrangements based on optimization principles
@Cuntz Lab


Harmony in numbers

Art of Neuroscience STAFF PICK 2017

Computational Cajal

Exhibited at:

  • ZKM in Karlsruhe

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